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At Jones Marketing we create, develop & build bespoke websites for our clients to suit all their needs from Personal, business blogs, to e-commerce, car dealerships and retail shops.


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Jones Marketing is a locally founded business in Burton on Trent, we don't stick to a formula, you decide!! You can chose from our services to which suit your business the best, from website design through to social media advertising we aid in growing your business.

Enhance your client awareness

As Social media takes up more & more of both your and your clients lives, it determines our interests and influences our needs. Through millions of pounds in investment into social engineering in order to make your advertising on social media beneficial and extremely cost efficient. All for the purpose to persuade you to advertise on their social media, which only benefits you as a company. At Jones Marketing we use 2 main services to advertise our clients business, product, socials and related. The first is Facebook ads which allow us to advertise through Facebook and instagram. The second is through Google Ads which has a massive base we can leverage off of by advertising through Google's search engine directly, app ads or website adverts.

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Andrew Pickering

I have had the pleasure of using Jones Marketing to create a new website for our business. I wish all businesses worked the same. Would I recommend, absolutely!

Jones Marketing Services

Improving all aspects of a businesses perception, Jones Marketing is able to improve business awareness through their Website information hub to their Social Media and advertising. 


A Jones Marketing website is the information hub of your business, where your customers go to receive information about your business and contact you.

Social Media

Social Media is important for business growth, a better social network around your business means more people are exposed to you name and want to know more about you.


Have high quality photos for your business for cheap. We provide a photography service for your business. From building shots to product shots and photoshop we do it all.

Why choose Jones Marketing?

There are a lot of marketing companies out there, so why choose us? 


From working with many customers now we know that experience & knowledge matters. We have the modern and ergonomic design that is 'customer facing & engaging' that we pride ourselves. Through our coding and building our customers sites we know the 'In's and out's' of customer ergonomics and how people interact with sites to find what design is best suited for your customers. 

Impecable Design

From the entrance to all our sites we have the best designs and animations, capturing the users attention. We know that bombarding customers with information is not the best way of doing so as it can cause congestive overload. So instead we make the way the information comes across as ergonomic where the user wants to learn more about your business and isn't driven away.

Seamless Care

Every aspect of your care is coordinated together to provide exactly the care you need. What might take months elsewhere can often done in weeks or even days. We organise our program during our proposal to you by publishing the site in stages. 

Customer Satisfaction

We also pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction as we have never had a customer dissatisfied with our service. From the get go we ensure your customer service is up to standard and nothing is out of place if so we correct it promptly.

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